Why are hotel pillows so comfortable

Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable?

Vacations are when you fuel nostalgia and memories. So we ask, why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

What’s more important than the destination for vacations, a few days off and relaxing environment? To balance out all those extra stressful days at work, we lookout for some adventure and peace amidst the getaways. 

Unless you end up is a poorly arranged hotel room, most trips and getaways ensure a relaxing adventure. A good and luxurious room, all-day room service, and of course, that heavenly bed is all that we search for.

Crisp, clean cotton sheets, fluffy fresh covers in the hotel rooms make you almost sink your head in them.

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Number of Pillows

The luxurious hotels pamper you with several pillows in different sizes.

There are about 8 to 10 pillows on an average to provide you an extremely luxurious feel. Besides, the pillows used are of superior quality that is very well maintained and are changed frequently to retain their desired firmness and softness.

Different Types of Pillows

Some extraordinary hotels even have you choose the pillows of your choice. They provide down pillows, down alternate pillows, white goose down pillows, memory foam pillows, and polyester pillows. 

Different Fillings

The comfort and the softness of any pillow depend mainly on its composition. 

The filling inside the pillows is what makes a pillow, soft and comfortable. Usually, three types of pillows are used in any luxurious hotels – goose or duck down pillows, feather or down blend pillows and down alternative pillows. 

So Which One Is The Most Comfortable?

Goose or Duck Down Pillows

The most popular pillows are used in hotel rooms are the goose or duck down pillows.

These pillows are constructed with soft down feathers of goose or duck that brings the bed or pillow to life. These pillows are incredibly soft and have a bouncier feel to them. They are highly durable due to their composition and are the most popular in various 5-star hotels. 

Feather and Down Blend Pillows

The feather and down blended pillows have the same comfort as the goose and duck feather ones, almost. 

These pillows are hypoallergenic and are super soft even on sensitive skin. They have medium firmness with about 50% feather and the other half of down feathers. 

Since these pillows are covered with down feathers, they do not poke your skin while giving a highly comfortable and soft feel. 

Down Alternative Pillows

Lastly, the alternative down pillows used in hotels, are of premium quality, and are super soft. 

They are also resistant to dust mites and prevent allergies. These pillows are constructed with polyester microfibers and are ideal for people suffering from neck and shoulder pain.


There are also other types of pillows which capture the same hotel essence. But, these are the primary fillings used in the hotel pillows to enhance the level of comfort and provide the ultimate relaxation. We cleared all doubts why are hotel pillows so comfortable.

Most luxurious hotels resort to these types of pillows to pamper their customers even further. The fluffiness, firmness, and, most of all, their softness is almost divine.

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