pillow protector vs pillowcase

Pillow Protectors vs. Pillowcase

It is essential to maintain your pillows from any physical damage, strain, or even bugs to retain their longevity. Before discussing the pros and cons of both Pillow Protectors vs. Pillowcase, let us first consider how important they are.

A pillowcase and a pillow protector basically have different functions.

While a pillowcase is constructed to make the pillow look good and are also comfortable to sleep on, they are not highly protective like a pillow protector. They are simply an extra layer of fabric that prevents any dirt from settling on the pillows. 

The one-end opening feature in them makes them easily washable.

On the other hand, pillow protectors, as the name suggests, protect the pillows from any physical damage, stains, dirt and can also absorb moisture. Some pillow protectors are very comfortable, while some are waterproof and are easily washable. 

Unlike a pillowcase, pillow protectors have a zip shut, which prevents keeps dirt and bugs away.

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Difference between Pillow Protectors vs. Pillowcase


The first essential feature of a pillow protector is that it must be waterproof. 

A moisture-wicking pillow protector will ensure the protection of the pillows from any liquid that has accidentally spilled over or even sweat sometimes. 

Especially in case of goose or duck down feathers that are incredibly light, a premium quality pillow must be waterproof to retain their desired softness.

On the other hand, a pillowcase might be available with moisture-wicking material, but they only protect the pillows against the dirt settling on them. They cannot necessarily protect the pillows from any liquid stains.

Bed Bugs

We all know how disturbing and annoying bed bugs can get. Bed bugs can disturb the entire sleeping environment. 

It is essential to prevent them from entering into the pillows as they cause allergies and infections. Pillow protectors are best for avoiding bed bugs. Available with a zip shut feature, they keep the bed bugs from entering the pillows.

However, pillowcases are made to make the overall appearance beautiful, but they do not have the much-protecting capacity. They have openings on one end and are easy to let the tiny little pests enter, causing infections and allergies.

Material or Fabric

Pillow protectors are primarily made from various fabrics like cotton, polyester, and Tencel Lyocell bamboo. They are also sometimes made with a gel that also gives a cooling sensation while sleeping. 

Cotton pillows covers are soft and also have excellent breathability. Polyester pillow covers are highly durable with great stretchability. They are quite inexpensive but have maximum protection and comfort.

The pillowcases are also made with superior quality like silk, cotton, nylon, linen, satin. These materials are very soft and give a luxurious touch.


Next time you ask yourself if you need a pillow protector under your pillowcase, the answer is a big yes. Here we covered difference between Pillow Protectors vs. Pillowcase.

From extending its life to have a clean dirt free pillow, pillow protectors can be the most cost-effective way to keep your bedding neat and comfortable.

Hope Upfored has now clear you about the difference and other things.

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