Ultimate Roblox Guide to Use AUG A1

AUG A1 is one of some legendary weapons in Roblox. It was the first bullpup-style assault rifle in phantom forces. It is the first in AUG family to be unlocked. It is unlocked at a pretty low rank, which is the rank 20 or you can purchase it with 5000 credits. Here are some Roblox guide to use this magnificent weapon.

First thing first, we begin with the weapon’s attachment. Always use the optic that you personally love as you will do better with it. A compensator for the barrel as well as the folding grip for the under barrel which synergize with each other to make the AUG A1 has no recoil whatsoever. Finally, use the green laser to make hip firing nearby enemy a breeze.

For the pros of this Roblox guide or the reasons why you should use the AUG A1 are first, because the weapon do a consistent damage against enemy players which leads to effortless skills. This is because AUG A1 has great handling which can be seen by fully spring the weapon. In addition, it also has a good firing rate for its class. This is perfect for any range combat, making it very overpowered weapon and a popular choice for players who are seeking for tons of kills. Some people might think that you use Roblox hack because this weapon is just too strong.

The AUG A1 cons honestly don’t affect the players too much. It has a sluggish reload which almost all players will be able to accept since this weapon is just too good. Also, the scope can be removed which may bother some players out there.

Once you play it, you may personally don’t like the fact that you have to put the optic site on top of the scope. But, when you play it for some times, you will be adapted to it and find out that it is actually pretty good to use. This can be seen as a pro or a con, depending on how you see it. However, you can follow Roblox guide on its pros and cons to be better at it. The AUG A1 is pretty good as it is cheap for 5000 credits. However, it is pretty bad since the AUG A1 is basically obtainable early, which means you will be killed by it more often than underdog weapons.

To use this weapon is literally so easy. When you see your enemy, you just right-click to aim them and left-click to fully fire your weapon since you have no recoil on your weapon. That basically wraps up the Roblox guide for this weapon.