Sniper Elite 4 Cool Features to Expect

What is the idea behind the development of Sniper Elite 4, really? Well, you have to admit that being a sniper takes a special skill and ability – and also guts too – but at least you can ‘kill’ people without feeling guilty or having to deal with the federal law.  And with the mission given to you, you can always play it well to improve your own skills.


Sniper Elite 4 Release

This Sniper Elite 4 game is both published and developed by Rebellion Developments, included in the Sniper Elite series.  Set to be released during the Valentine’s Day (yup, on February the 14th 2017), this game will be available for different gaming platforms, namely Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows. This stealth tactical shooter will be available in both multiplayer and sing player modes. This game is basically the direct continuation of Sniper Elite III and of course, a lot of promising features have been made available for the game.


Sniper Elite 4 Gaming Features

There are a lot of cool things to expect from this Sniper Elite 4. For instance, when you are able to snipe the enemy with the sniper rifle, you will automatically activate the X-Ray kill camera system. It means that you can follow the movement from your rifle to the target, showing how the bullet hit and damage the area – whether it is the bones, flesh, and other body parts or organs. You can find such feature for the melee kills, as well as the stealth kills and shrapnel kills.


The game also has its ‘smart’ system and development. When you manage to kill the enemy, they will react by looking for you. You can also have a direct access to the binoculars so you can see the equipment and weapons used by your enemy. There is officer rank as well. When you are able to kill the intended officer as soon as possible, the enemy will retreat. The longer the killing takes place, the harder your mission will be.


Sniper Elite 4 Plot

The plot of this game is taken place n 1943, in Italy. You will be responsible for Karl Fairburne, the Office of Strategic Services agent who is supposed to help the Italian resistance combat the Fascists within the WW II setting.


There are a lot of promising factors in this game, including more flexible moves. If you are ready, you can try playing Sniper Elite 4 and see how it works for you.