Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

In this article, you will find a couple of tricks, tips, secrets and a couple of other things that you do not know about Pokemon Go. This post comes with a couple of strategies and tips that you can get in one place. For those of you beginner or for those of you who have played this game for a couple of months, this article will be helpful for you. Below are a couple of tips and tricks of Pokemon Go that will help you to win this game.

Catching Tips

If you want to use a couple of items when it comes for you to catch a Pokemon, you just have to tap the right symbol which is located at the lower on the screen. After that if you have one stronger Poke Ball you can change it. And then you just have to wait for a Pokemon in order to do its attack animation before the Poke Ball will be thrown. It will be finished when you find there is yellow, red, or green circle occurs.

Pokemon that is toughest to catch comes with the red circles. Meanwhile, yellow circles are the sign that the Pokemon comes with medium-level to catch. The easiest Pokemon that you can catch have green circles. If Poke Balls have been thrown by using a simple spinning motion will give you more XP before release. It can be done by swirling the Poke Ball before it will be thrown at a Pokemon.

Your throws should be timed so that when you hit the circle on the target Pokemon, you hit the smallest point. You also have to consider that capture difficulty can be denoted by the circle colours: red very difficult, yellow more difficult, and green are easy.

After every Poke Ball catch that have been attempted, Razz Berries wear off, so if your ball has been escaped by the Pokemon, another Razz Berry should be tossed. For those of you who are living in USA, you have to catch a total of more than 140 distinct Pokemon before you have to switch continents.

You can scale your Pokemon with your Trainer Level. You will encounter rarer Pokemon if your level is higher. You will be allowed by the upcoming Pokemon Go peripheral in order to catch a couple of Pokemon on the go by touching a button and you do not have to use your phone.