Pokemon Go Hack YouTube For Smart Phone

Pokemon go for smartphone

As the most well-known brand new application of this year, Pokemon Go has become the phenomenon as many people play it, so it is perfect for you to have Pokemon Go hack YouTube. The real fact about this game is that you as a player have to go to real world locations in order to reach and evolve their pocket monsters from your Android or iPhone device. Because of the game has been out for a couple of months, there are a couple of privacy riles which have been dialed back, so that the trainers can get the most important thing of this game which is capturing the rare Pokemon.

Nowadays, a lot of big fans of Pokemon Go hack YouTube have known a couple of mechanics of the game. There are a couple of mechanics such as spinning the Pokeball in order to curve the throw in order to reach an extra 10XP, using Lucky Eggs once the monster evolved to double experience, and even spinning Poke-stops in order to get a couple of items. Many people have already known that Pikachu can be gotten as their starter. But you can do a couple of more things by using a couple of cheats. That is why you need this Pokemon Go hack YouTube.

Eevee Evolution Trick

A lot of online spoilers have known the easter egg of Pokemon Go when talking about the evolve Eevee. It is random in order to evolve the PoGo, while in a couple of traditional games the evolution of Pokemon can be selected by evolution stones, except you are choosing one of the three nicknames. For those of you who want to get Flareon, you have to nickname your Eevee which has been chosen with Pyro. For those of you who are to have Jolteon, you have to nickname your Eevee Sparky. While those of you who want to get Vaporeon, Rainer is the nickname that you have to use for your Eevee.

Those nicknames are derived from a 1998 episode of the Pokemon anime. At this episode you can find three brothers who have similar names. There are a lot of gamers and internet guys out there who have gotten the trick but they say it does not work more than once. For those of you who want to do the Eevee evolution trick a couple of times in one game, it is still unknown how to deal with that. You can find it at Pokemon Go hack YouTube.