For Honor Review: Complex Melee Combat Style

We happily report this For Honor review since many modern platform gamers love this game so much. One of the best Ubisoft’s games that should be more getting supported in order to satisfy the hunger of its players all over the world. The For Honor is a combat game that has very detail movesets to the characters. Carrying third-person action game package is one of best ideas for modern games and the developer of For Honor really knows about that. Although this game is slightly similar to hack-and-slash games like Dinasty Warrior, it brings different experience for the player.


The For Honor review shows us this game is more than an action combat game with the third-perspective. It is more complex than you thought or it looks like before. This game offers team-based and solo modes in complex fighting gameplay. The melee fight system of For Honor is just like traditional fighting styles of Street Fighter but it is packaged on modern and almost real graphics. The game is technically complete to present the combat styles. You can both attack and block your characters through the controllers. It may seem easy to do but it demands to master the control. You can block the enemies’ attacks from top, left or right directions and then retaliate with some attacks.

There are three factions available based on our For Honor review. They are Knights, Viking and Samurai. The total heroes that can use those free moveset are twelve and they are divided into three factions aforementioned. Moreover, each faction also has four different heroes’ types. The first one is a Vanguard who can be all-purpose hero. Secondly, it is a Heavy who is almost lack of speed but still punch a bunch of damages at once. The next hero’s type is Assassin. He is quick or fast but he has fragile health points. Lastly, it is a Hybrid who has long-ranged weapons. However, each type of each faction has different specialty, although the class is the same with others. The multiplayer gameplay is ridiculously snowballing the team that has greater number. It is kind of hard fighting back against three or more enemies.


The graphic brings much aesthetic to our eyes. We do not have any complain about this segment. The game is available for three modern platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Game Mechanism

The mechanism of For Honor is pretty simple on the solo mode. The story isn’t what the developer wants to show here. Instead, they offer sparsely in-game currency for the players who want to give more cosmetics to their characters. Every match just gives you a hundred steel. This is enough to close this For Honor review.