December 2016

In this article, you will find a couple of tricks, tips, secrets and a couple of other things that you do not know about Pokemon Go. This post comes with a couple of strategies and tips that you can get in one place. For those of you beginner or for those of you who have played this game for a couple of months, this article will be helpful for you. Below are a couple of tips and tricks of Pokemon Go that will help you to win this game.

Catching Tips

If you want to use a couple of items when it comes for you to catch a Pokemon, you just have to tap the right symbol which is located at the lower on the screen. After that if you have one stronger Poke Ball you can change it. And then you just have to wait for a Pokemon in order to do its attack animation before the Poke Ball will be thrown. It will be finished when you find there is yellow, red, or green circle occurs.

Pokemon that is toughest to catch comes with the red circles. Meanwhile, yellow circles are the sign that the Pokemon comes with medium-level to catch. The easiest Pokemon that you can catch have green circles. If Poke Balls have been thrown by using a simple spinning motion will give you more XP before release. It can be done by swirling the Poke Ball before it will be thrown at a Pokemon.

Your throws should be timed so that when you hit the circle on the target Pokemon, you hit the smallest point. You also have to consider that capture difficulty can be denoted by the circle colours: red very difficult, yellow more difficult, and green are easy.

After every Poke Ball catch that have been attempted, Razz Berries wear off, so if your ball has been escaped by the Pokemon, another Razz Berry should be tossed. For those of you who are living in USA, you have to catch a total of more than 140 distinct Pokemon before you have to switch continents.

You can scale your Pokemon with your Trainer Level. You will encounter rarer Pokemon if your level is higher. You will be allowed by the upcoming Pokemon Go peripheral in order to catch a couple of Pokemon on the go by touching a button and you do not have to use your phone.

As a popular franchise of SimCity, SimCity BuildIt gives the same excitement of building a city. In this article, we are going to discuss the reason why you need to use SimCity BuildIt Hack. At this rate, you should already know that this simulation game is more than just creating building using resources. The gameplay requires you to manage the city as well. In order to do that, you need to use resources wisely. In addition to the resources, the game currency is also important as well. The game currencies used in the game are Simoleon, Simcash, and Golden Key.

Those currencies are available on the game. However, obtaining them is not as easy as you think. You need to gather basic resources and process it into useful items. The processed items can be sold in order to get the money you need to build other building. Gathering materials and basic resources is not easy process. Processing them into other item also takes time. There might be a time where you wish you did not have to go through all this exhausting process. Fortunately, the SimCity BuildIt Hack allows you to get infinite game currencies easily. You do not have to wait for processing the material any longer and build whatever you want.

The procedure of using SimCity BuildIt Hack is relatively easy. This tool is not an application that requires you to root your smartphone. It is actually an online website tool. You might wonder why it is different with application tool that used in other game. People prefer using website tool since it does not consume their gadget space and sparing the time for rooting it. The first thing you have to do is open the website. Enter the username of your SimCity BuildIt account. After that, enter the amount of Simoleon, Simcash, and Golden Key you want to have. Let the SimCity BuildIt Hack doing the encryption for you. Login into your game from your gadget and enjoy your game currencies.

Once you get all the money you need, you might have question popped up in your head. Doesn’t it take the fun of the game? The answer is no. Even though you can build anything, it does not mean that the game lost its exciting part. The gameplay requires you to manage the city as well. There is where the fun part starts. It means that you can use SimCity BuildIt Hack without worrying that it will take the excitement away.


Games have been existed from ancient times. It is often needed to bring people together in the society. There are many types of games, some could be played outdoor and some could be played indoor. In 19th centuries electronic games were first introduced and developed. Examples of today famous electronic games are personal computer games, playstations, nintendo, xbox, mobile games etc. Whatever games you play, of course you need gaming tips before trying out the new game. Basic gaming tips for everyone are to know exactly what type of game you are about to play and how to play it. Some of games need gaming tools to be played. Therefore, the gamers should also have skills in using the gaming tools to be able to play the game. Other than skills, you have to practice quite a lot if you want to win the game or become an expert on it.

People play games to have fun, to kill times or to release stress. Many people enjoy gaming so much that it becomes a hobby to them. As the technology has been improved, nowadays games could be played online with many other gamers from across the world. In order to play the online games safely, you must not reveal your real personal identity such as your real name, home address, or phone number. Gaming tips for online games is to play the game online many times if you want to stay as a winner or to become an expert on it, because the situation of playing online is different from playing offline. Online gamers have different techniques compared to the computer system when playing the game offline. You must know the game itself very well to be the winner.

Practice makes perfect they say, however you still need to be aware of time while gaming. Practicing your skills on gaming might consume so much of your time but it is wise to set a limit of time for gaming so that you don’t have to neglect other important daily activities in your life. Gaming for a very long time could make you frustrated as well if you don’t win the games many times. Moreover, it could give bad effects to your eyes if you stay in front of the screen for a long time. Your eyes’ vision could get worse due to gaming, thus another important gaming tips is to have a limited time for playing as your health is not less important. Let’s not just do fun gaming but smart gaming as well.


Pixel Gun 3D is one of the best games that many people play on their iOS device, so that they probably need Pixel Gun 3D cheat for iOS. This game is very fun to play where a couple of players all over the world killing and shooting zombies and a couple of other things by using machine gun or hand. Besides machine gun, there are a couple of weapons that you have to use if you want to kill these creatures. The only drawback of this game is that in order to get these weapons you have to get enough gold and gems and also infinite health if you want to get through this game. When you download the game you will get specific gold and gems that do not last long and it will difficult for you to play this game effectively once they are exhausted. Since you will not make any progress, you will lose most of the fights. The perfect way that you can do in order to get unlimited gems, gold and infinite health is by using Pixel Gun 3D cheat for iOS. You do not have to download these cheats because they are online cheats. It means that you do not have to install software if you want to use the cheat. Pixel Gun 3D cheat for iOS is easy to use and safe and also very effective.

The Advantage of the Cheat

Pixel Gun 3D is an interesting game which you can play with a couple of other players online or alone. The Pixel Gun 3D hack is very efficient and you can be helped in order to get unlimited gems, coins, and infinite health with just a couple of seconds.  It is important for you to use this Pixel Gun 3D cheat for iOS in limitation. Even though this cheat cannot be detected by the developers, your account comes with unusual activity that will make it clear that something happens and you will find that your account will be suspended. The Pixel Gun 3D cheat for iOS are online cheats that will work well for your device, but you only have to use it when you need it. It is important for you to not to force the usage of the cheat more than a time a day. It will help you get through this game. It is well recommended for you to use this cheat when you need it so you can keep the excitement when you play this game.