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LETTERS: Pushing for educational effectiveness

LETTERS U-T SAN DIEGO | "Pushing for educational effectiveness"

I'm writing in support of two recent editorials, "Teachers union still in deep denial" (Feb. 18) and "Push for big school bond hard to fathom" (Feb. 21).

I hesitate to blame the teachers, for whom I have the deepest respect, but I'm deeply dismayed at the recent actions of their union leaders in the San Diego Education Association in what's become a political circus.

We, as taxpayers, cannot continue down a fiscally unstable road with the San Diego Unified School District, which seems either afraid to stand its ground or worse, complicit in allowing the unions to railroad it in budget negotiations.

A recent commentary from parent Shelli Kurth of UPforEd, titled "Education leaders must focus on kids' futures" (Opinion, Feb. 19), noted the dysfunctional relationship between the various negotiating parties which led to this devolved conversation and the ongoing negative effects this standoff has on students.

While I can appreciate the precarious nature of the rocky relationships, as a taxpayer I will not excuse the childish antics of adults as reason enough to support another publicly-funded bond when adjustments to the current collective bargaining contracts could save the district $80 million.

It's time the adults start setting an example and get to work at finding a long-term, sustainable solution to the school budget that inflicts the least damage on classrooms. The real fights worth having lie in closing the achievement gap and helping set up our young people for successful lives. - Susan Hopps-Tatum, College Area

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