San Diego United Parents for Education is a grassroots, parent-led organization working to engage and connect San Diego Unified School District parents and other supporters to improve and strengthen our local public schools.

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  • Parents: Teacher contracts should weigh student needs April 3, 2014

    Today, U-T San Diego published an Op-Ed from UPforEd Executive Director, Lisa Berlanga discussing why contract negotiations in San Diego Unified should take into account the needs of students.

  • Stand UP "Four the Kids" March 31, 2014

    Do you support a teacher contract that is fair for teachers AND good for kids? Do you expect our district to create a culture of excellence in our schools by: 
    1. Providing support and recognizing great teaching 
    2. Allowing school leaders to hire the best candidate for the job
    3. Creating policies that protect kids 
    4. Ensuring students have consistent, high-quality teachers 
    YES? Then write a letter to the school board members and the Superintendent asking for their support too. Here is how: 


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